Monday, September 27, 2010

Opulant Luxury Old Hollywood Star Treatment!

I had the most amazing experience in Portland, Oregon last week while there presenting at Agent Reboot ~ a Real Estate Conference.  The day prior I had been invited to speak on a panel at Coldwell Banker Seal by Debra Trappen and Linda Aaron who bounce between their Seattle and Portland offices all the time.  They insisted I must stay at the Hotel Deluxe in downtown Portland ~ their home away from home ~ and oh were we glad we did!!!

So let me set the stage ~ you ascend a dramatic staircase (after you've had valet parking of course) up to a gorgeous, open parlor with elegant lounging chairs and sofas with the soft sound of old jazz playing... you notice immediately an oversize picture of a couple of Old Hollywood Starlets, and chandeliers ~ So boutique and charming and welcoming!

My good girlfriend/Coquitlam Realtor Rebecca Permack and I were in LOVE with the attention to all the little details - so much so that she took a few pics!  Check this out:

          Above are our room keys!!  How adorable is that?

 At our bedside table we discovered our PILLOW MENU!!!
Especially adored the 'Make it So' button!

 Every time we entered our room, soft jazz was playing but you could opt for your pre-programmed ipod ~ and again with the "Make it So' button!

Even down to the traditional "Do not disturb" sign was more appropriately the "Quiet on the Set" and the reverse was "Lights, Camera, Action" if you were ready for cleaning! 

I have been raving about my experience non-stop!  Normally after a conference of this nature I will spend a great deal of time focused on the 'take-aways'....Aside from seeing my great friends/teachers/ co-presenters Michael McClure owner of Professional One Brokerage out of Detroit, Michigan; Dale Chumbley who is Realtor in the OTHER Vancouver (*wink Dale*) who writes a blog DAILY about all the things to do in Vancouver, WA; Darin Persinger who is Real Estate Coach to the Stars; Nicole Nicolay who led the whole 1st leg of the Agent Reboot tour along with her business partner Chad Johnson (both Co-Founders of Agent Evolution in LA) hotel experience taught me the most this time around!  

I may have been the one on stage presenting but here's what I learned!  People still respond to an amazing experience!  Focusing on the client/customer experience will reap huge rewards!  We had Roy Osing as our guest speaker at our Fraser Valley Social Media Meetups this month and he said focus on your "Only Statement" other words - what is the ONE thing ONLY you do??  

A great example is Dan Keller ~ a mortgage broker in Everett, Washington who I think REALLY gets this! He's going above and beyond what any other broker has ever done for a Realtor that I'm aware of!  He's so focused on his Realtors (because he knows he'll get a lot of referral business that way) that he offers regular meetups to discuss all the latest tech tools; he offers special listing websites for his Realtor's clients; he even shows up at possession with a tin of custom made Jenny cookies!  Now that's service!

Raising the bar in Real Estate, and business in general....that is the name of the game!  

Special thanks to Julie - Sales Manager at Hotel Deluxe for making sure we had the Star treatment!  You rock girl!

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